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Add your venue contracts & documents to our private document library and get access to other venue contracts & documents. It’s so simple! Once a month you get an emailed document drop with 3 to 5 wedding venue documents that have been shared by other wedding venues. The documents include: Contracts, Policy, Venue Marketing Materials, Brochures, Vendor Contracts, Liquor Policy, Wedding Show Contracts & More! Documents will only be shared privately with members of the Wedding Venue Document Exchange Program. Additionally, as part of this program you can submit requests for documents and I will email participants to find out if anyone has the specific document you are requesting. Wedding Venue Contracts & Social Media Exchange is going to make your venue life so much easier!

In addition to the Wedding Venue Contracts & Documents Exchange Program, we will be combining this program with the Social Media Marketing Exchange & 7 Day Social Media Marketing ZOOM workshop hosted weekly by Didi Russell, wedding industry marketing expert.

  1. The wedding venue document exchange. You add your venue documents to our private library and once a month you will get an email featuring several wedding venue documents from other venues. This allows our venue owners to have access to the most cutting edge venue forms, contracts, language, policies, safety measures and marketing material. 
  2. Social Media Calendar – a full month of social media marketing support. 
  3. Social Media Support – venue owners working together to trigger the various social media algorithms by using our numbers to create more views, engagement and activity on each other’s social media accounts. 
  4. Inbound and outbound link sharing system (coming soon), this is incredibly valuable. Inbound links are like rocket fuel for your SEO. We will work together to create and share links for a valuable SEO boost to participant website. Click here to read this article on the value of niche friendly links and why they are so valuable for your website:
  5. Blog – participants get a blog Template once a month for you to use for your website. Blogs help you keep new content on your website, increase traffic, engagement, trust and interest. The problem is most venue owners & managers do not have time to create their own, so once a month I will send you a blog that you can use as a template. 
  6. The V Hive – defense against review extortion. Our group is on standby to bring numbers to your Google reviews should you ever come under fire from a vindictive client using the broken review system to hurt your business. There is power in numbers. 

I no longer post wedding venue document requests in the Wedding Venue Owners & Management Community Group on Facebook, as a member of the WVO Document Exchange you will be able to submit one request a month for specific documents you need or contract language you need help with. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the attached program information. Thank you so much.

The investment to participate is only $99 per month, billed in 3 month increments or pay for 6 months for ONLY $500 (save $188yr)! Fill out the form below to join the Wedding Venue Contracts & Social Media Exchange. Fill out the form below to get started.

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Wedding Document Exchange

When you join in a Wedding Venue Owners Working Vacation you will get to join a group knowledge sharing session where we get cutting edge information on wedding venue contracts, wedding operations, policies and strategies for success! Click here for the list of upcoming cities and dates.

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